I'm still in the process of updating my portfolio,so check back often......

I live near London,Ontario,Canada,with my beautiful wife ,
after years of casually taking pictures or videos with a point and shoot (family events etc) 
I decided to get into photography seriously, so exactly one year ago i bought my first DSLR,a canon T5i.
I started learning the technical and practical side of photography through schooling/seminars and keynotes held by some famous photographers of the past and present.Also being a computer IT computer guy it was easy to learn the technical 
side of photography and its setting by shooting in manual mode and leaving it there.
I shoot indoor or outdoor  creating my own lighting as I need it.
1 year later I'm now using a canon 1DX as well as a 7D and the T5i  that allows me to capture any situation in any weather.
Please have a look at my portfolio with my diverse categories of pictures.
I  tend to shoot wildlife/birds/portraits/weddings/ street photography with a touch of Boudoir.

All my prints are for sale, please contact my email address below for more info on pricing, 
I'm in the process of setting up an e-commerce page that will ease purchases of my prints.

Please contact me through my email link below.if you would like to set up a photoshoot 



You can contact me at: LukeHansonPhotography@gmail.com